DIY Flower WAll from Inspired By This

We love the simplicity and beauty of this fun Flower Wall found on Inspired By This.  Follow their easy DIY for an amazing backdrop for your next party, bridal shower, wedding, or a wall in your home that needs a little color.  All of these flowers can be found at!410 copy What you need:  Flowers, Decorative Tape, Wire Cutters  117 Directions

1. Gather all of your flowers and cut off a good amount of the stems, leaving 3 to 4 inches.

2. Take any cute patterned or colorful washi tape and cut it into strips. They may vary in size and color for more of a “messy” look. Cut a strip for every flower!  2-3. Take your pieces of tape and stick your flowers to a wall. Don’t worry too much about creating a pattern, instead have fun placing them wherever and watching it turn out perfectly undone :). It’s that simple! 310410


*All content and ideas are by Inspired By This.