DIY Floral Balloon

Contributed blog post from Green Wedding Shoes.  DIY_floralballoon-1Here at GWS we are big fans of balloons (remember this other DIY Giant Balloon we did?) and so today we paired up with Afloral to put a twist on the giant balloon tassels – just add flowers! Or more specificailly, those all-too-gorgeous peonies. And guess what? They don’t need to be in season because these blooms are silk flowers! Yep, just another reason to love Afloral. Here’s how we did it…materialsWhat You’ll Need:
• Silk flowers from AFloral. We picked these: Mauve Peony, Peach Peony, Coral Peony, Peony Spray,Cream Pink Peony, Greens (similar)
Giant Balloon
Floral Tape
• Scissors
• Tape
Twine, ribbon, string, etc. step1-4Step 1: Inflate your balloon to desired fullness and tie a long string to the base (as long as you want the tail). You can trim all your flower heads + greens in this step as well to prep everything.
Step 2: Start by taking some of your greens and taping to the very top. Fasten with floral tape or reinforce with tape/hot glue
Step 3: Continue by alternating greens with flower heads and making your way down. Use your best judgement here on placement – make it look pretty!
Step 4: Fill up the entire string until down to the bottom and you’re done! The flower heads should weigh down the balloon well enough not to fly away but securing to something before putting outside or alone would be advisable. finish1finish2finish3finish4

Such a fun wedding or party piece!

If you make your own Floral Balloon with AFloral using these steps or supplies, we’d love to see how it turns out, so please share on Instagram along with the hashtag #GreenWeddingShoesDIY and #Afloral. We’ll regram our faves!