DIY Floating Floral Centerpiece

Create a fantastic centerpiece for your next event with floating candles and silk flowers.  Follow this simple DIY and you will have a flawless and romantic design for your table centerpiece.bRdqJsSqIWpkZdnKbGorf6W59SaHiJQdjNKWP2uRdBY copyFirst you will need to gather your supplies.  For this design you can use any combination of Afloral’s large selection of silk wedding flowers, floating candles and vase filler.  For this design we used two clear glass cylinder vases in different diameters, two table mirrors, three silk English rose stems in coral, three Sophia open rose stems in cream white, two floating candles, and small diamond vase filler.  You will also need a pitcher of water, wire cutters, and a lighter. ASS7Ao9cB6Bnc7nDWXJ95P4_NcGXttVwF58qx0YKUhg These centerpieces can be made the day of the event and take absolutely no time to complete!

1) Lay the mirror in the center of the table.  Place the empty glass vase in the middle of the mirror. I0sci_e-Zh_FT2RtR8QM6mz7cYOixglgNMk_5WSRXZo copy2) Scatter the vase filler on the bottom of the vase.  We used just enough to add some sparkle but you can add more or less.

3) Pour at least 2 inches of water into the vase. cA1Xrfx54IqLlEJulVX9PxW7doIgU2PKTAzKJVNhiAc-copy-copy-645x274 copy4) Use wire cutters to remove the stem for the flowers.  Lay the flowers in the water.

5) Add one floating candle to the center of the vase.  cA1Xrfx54IqLlEJulVX9PxW7doIgU2PKTAzKJVNhiAc-copy-copy-645x274SAxLU9QAuddeigGnJSwl_67oMKZgEpKsXhk7EyTVcHg 6) Before the event light all the candles.  bEXuCJVJjNjltrmKhPVe_fKggF_GnUBOsYzLCbEWiSIrfxXtqsJMTjyt3_EXbY9r2fE8Cm5YnD3z6irAdjXtrk You now have a stunning centerpiece for your dinner.  This is a great idea for the bride on a budget; so simple to put together and so affordable.  Not planning a wedding?  Use this centerpiece at your next dinner party, a fabulous way to add romantic lighting to your event!

For more DIY designs follow the Afloral Youtube Channel and visit the DIY Design Ideas at  Add #Afloral to all of your DIY wedding pictures to share your beautiful designs.