DIY Fall Wedding Ideas

DIY is a term that is thrown about quite often.  We see it online, in magazines, and on tv. Many, many projects masquerade as DIY, but are really difficult to complete unless you have the experience of a professional. We like to keep it simple, and when we tell you that a project is DIY, we mean it! Above are some examples of DIY fall wedding ideas. They are all in fall wedding colors, but incredibly simple and inexpensive to create.  We have some pre-made bouquets tucked into mason jars for perfect wedding centerpieces, some curly willow and japanese lanterns that we just dropped into a large ceramic pot for an eye-catching addition to country wedding venues, and some preserved leaves that we arranged in an old rusty milk container. No cutting, gluing, or wiring involved! What can be easier than that? Whenever a budget bride calls us saying that she is working on her own do it yourself wedding, these are the ideas that offer.  Colorful, beautiful, bold, and lovely without the added stress and time that some DIY projects can create. Try some of these ideas and see for yourself!


  1. Autumn wedding eliminates the traditional light colors for a more ambitious options.Autumn palette is great: red, yellow, gold, purple, ivory, champagne, pumpkin orange, warm chocolate tones. In contrast to summer and spring bouquets, fall bouquets – bright, positive and original. Thank you for inspiration!

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