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Fall Foliage,

The fall season is quickly coming to an end and with Halloween just around the corner you didn’t think I was going to let it all go by without a fun, creative pumpkin wedding project.  Did you?  Capture the spirit and color of the vibrant fall season with this DIY wedding pumpkin centerpiece.  I came across the image below in a forum, it is the perfect arrangement idea for a fall wedding at the height of the harvest season.

In season pumpkins are  cheap.  They are a fabulous inexpensive decor item and DIY project, pair one with silk wedding flowers for even more savings and a beautiful fall floral arrangement.  The pumpkin centerpiece featured today contains vibrant orange tiger lilies, soft orange roses, sunflowers accented by wheat stalks and greenery.

The flowers featured in the arrangement are such a great collection of what the season has to offer.  The world is truly alive in fall, vivid colors, beautiful temperatures, sights and smells to ignite the senses.  The tiger lilies and sunflowers capture the untamed spirit of fall; gorgeous wild flowers you’d find throughout nature.  The orange roses complement both flowers while adding a touch of elegance.  Accented by greenery and wheat stalks the whole arrangement is brought together.  The perfect addition for any fall wedding table.

Project Break Down

pumpkin wedding centerpiece,



  1. To start you need to prep your pumpkin.  Whether you’re using a real or craft pumpkin cut off the lid, top of the pumpkin leaving a good size circumference for the floral arrangement.  If you are using a real pumpkin scoop and scrap the pulp and seeds out.  To help preserve the life of your real pumpkin rub vaseline in the inside of the pumpkin.
  2. Once the pumpkin is prepped, next prep your floral stems and sprays.  Using wire cutters trim and separate your flower stems and greenery so they will be easier to arrange.
  3. Now let’s get started.  Cut a rectangle out of the floral foam shape  and insert it into your pumpkin.  You can start arranging your centerpiece.  Start with the greenery so they will sit closer to the base and fill out the arrangement.  Then insert your selected stems to your liking, you may use the photo as a guide.
  4. Last are the finishing touches, wheat stalks and wisp of twig or grapevine.  Take 3-4 wheat stalks, keeping them at different lengths, loosely tied or bunch them together.  Then insert them at an angle threw the front center of the arrangement.  Shape some individual strains of twig or grapevine into arcs and inserted towards the back of  the arrangement.

Why it works

This pumpkin centerpiece would be a beautiful centerpiece however you arranged the flowers, what makes it unique and intriguing is the use of the wheat stalks and wisps of twigs arced toward the back.  It would be easy enough to trim and stick the individual wheat stalks standing upright throughout the arrangement, by creating a small bundle and inserting them at an angle through the side of the arrangement you are creating interest.

This centerpiece is unique because it is interesting to look at.  The stunning fall flower hues immediately catch your eye bringing your interested in, you take note of the creative angle used with the wheat stalks, while the wisps of twig or grapevine arc your view back to the whole arrangement.  It brings you full circle as you then realize the pumpkin is being used as the vase.  Genius, gorgeous the perfect fall wedding centerpiece capturing the beauty and spirit of the season.

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