DIY Fall Chair Back Ideas

lavender wedding theme, featuring DIY chair backs

Are you looking to dress up your wedding venue?  Chair backs or chair covers can dress up any drab venue chair and provide a beautiful accent to your wedding decor.  They are an easy DIY wedding project and inexpensive decor item.

Here is part two of’s fall DIY chair backs, featuring a romantic, rustic lavender chair back and a gorgeous, bold dahlia chair back.  From the ceremony to the reception.

Romantic Lavender

lavender chair back


  1. From the ivory tulle bolt measure 1 – 1 1/2 yards of tulle.  (Measure the height of your chairs and where you’d like the tulle to fall for an exact length)  Off the bolt the tulle is folded in half, leave it this way.
  2. Gently drape the piece of tulle over the back of the chair, the top of the chair resting on the inside fold of the tulle.
  3. Measure 8-10 inches of chiffon ribbon, cut and set it aside.
  4. Going back to your draped tulle take each side of the tulle and fold it in at an angle to the center of the chair back.  Hold it together with one hand.
  5. With your other hand take your cut piece of ribbon, tie and knot and bow tie around the tulle your holding in place.
  6. The last step is adding the lavender pieces.  Take a small bundle of lavender, trim the stems by taking a few inches off with wire cutters.  Secure the bundle by wrapping it with floral wire.  Then slip the bundle into the bow tie you already tied, give it a little tug to hold everything in place and…..

Viola! a romantic, rustic lavender DIY chair back.  A fabulous accent for your bridal table, pair it with lavender and wheat bundle centerpieces for a beautiful reception table.

Gorgeous, Bold Dahlia

dahlia chair back


  1. From the bolt of tulle measure and cut 1 – 1/2 yards of tulle.
  2. Fold the tulle in half length wise, remember it’s already folded in half width wise.  About 4 inches down from the top fold pinch the tulle together to make a poof.
  3. Next your going to take the jumbo dahlia stem and trim the length of the stem with wire cutters.  Lay it over where you are pinching the tulle.
  4. Secure the dahlia stem with floral wire.
  5. To finish the piece take a few loose strains of natural raffia and tie around the tulle and dahlia.  This will provide a great accent while also hiding the floral wire.

That’s it!  Attach your jumbo dahlia chair back to your ceremony or reception chairs with a piece of floral wire.  Give the tulle a few puffs and fan it out once it is attached to your chairs.  This is a great DIY chair back you will be able to prep before, saving you time the day of your wedding. Don’t forget about our DIY gorgeous dahlia centerpiece to bring the whole look together.

Simple, affordable DIY wedding projects with a big look.

Deal Breaker

Now I’m going to bring it home with the price.  Both chair backs total out at under $3 a piece.  The rice they’ll throw as you’re leaving your reception will cost you more than one of these chair backs.  You can make 26- 40 romantic lavender chair backs  for $2.50 a piece (using 40 yard bolt of tulle, 25 yards chiffon ribbon and 5- 6 bunches of dried lavender).  You can make 26-40 gorgeous dahlia chair backs for $2.75 a piece (using 40 yard bolt of tulle, natural raffia bunch, individual jumbo dahlia stems).

Another example of how DIY wedding projects can add style and savings to your wedding day.  With a few steps and affordable materials you’ll have guest pleasing DIY chair backs that will leave them talking.  Please keep the blushing to a minimum as your tell them all you did it yourself!


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