DIY Colorful Bridal Bouquets

Bright Bridal Bouquets,

Winter blues got you down?  This week we’re going to pump up the color spectrum by adding some vibrant hues to your wedding palette.

Whether you want to find inspiration for a funky, fun celebration, are just thinking spring or want to borrow a few ideas to add a pop of color to your special day, you’ll love what’s in store.

Today’s how to is going to feature two bright, brilliant bridal bouquets that you can make yourself.  Silk wedding flowers can offer you endless possibilities at affordable prices.  You don’t have to settle for less when it comes to your wedding bouquet and trying to fit it within an affordable wedding budget.

Silk flowers are a fabulous, budget friendly alternative.  You can search through hundreds for types and colors without having to worry about their availability and price.

Once you’ve figured out your wedding theme order all your flowers for bouquets and decor together, ordering in bulk will guarantee even more savings.  Order silks in singular stems or sprays, sprays will allot you multiple smaller blooms and greenery for accents in bouquets and arrangements.

DIY wildflower clutch wedding bouquet,

Wild & Free


  1. Trim silk flower stems, taking off greenery and separating individual blooms off the silk sprays.
  2. Start with the larger blooms, 3 roses & 4 gerberas, arrange paying attention to how the flower blooms sit together.  You will trim the ends of the stems after the bouquet is put together.
  3. Next start sliding in the individual, smaller blooms from the sprays, pom poms & cornflowers. Slide in between the clutch of roses & gerberas.  These accent flowers will sit just above the others in the arrangement.
  4. Still holding the arranged bouquet clutch with one hand, secure the stems with your other hand using stem wrap floral tape.  Wrap the stems together a few inches below the flower heads.
  5. Once wrapped finish the whole look with ribbon or raffia, also hiding the stem wrap.

The wild flower clutch is a breath of fresh air, with vibrant, lush silk flowers.  The play of blues, yellows and oranges are complementary colors making the whole bouquet really pop.  The four types of silk flowers in this arrangement, gerbera, roses, pom poms and cornflowers offer a variety of styles and textures.  Both the gerberas and roses offer larger, lush petals while the smaller pom poms and cornflower petals are more spikey, dense accents.

Truly a bright sight this bridal bouquet does translate into a beautiful look.  The vibrant colors keep it fresh and fun with the textures of the petals intriguing.  Combine the blue roses and orange pom poms to make your groom a DIY boutonniere.  And have fun using accents of the bright hues throughout your wedding day decor.

DIY pink daisy wedding bouquet,

Pretty in Pink


  1. Start with a couple of gerbera stems and arrange them working outwards.  Add in more stems until you’ve included all 12 flowers.
  2. Trim the ends of the stems and then secure with stemwrap.
  3. Finishing touches add a loosely tied piece of ribbon, over the stemwrap.

Pink is the ultimate girl color and the perfect fit for a bright, colorful wedding look.  The pink gerbera daisy bouquet is simple yet effective.  The bright pink hue combined with carefree nature of the daisy creates a light and fresh look. The bouquet, made all of the same floral stems, is easy to assemble even for beginner DIY brides.

The warm, vibrant pink keeps this bouquet girly, whimsical the perfect fit for a bright, cheerful wedding day.  These stems are ideal to combine in arrangements, cheap at $1.49 a stem, use them in bouquets, boutonnieres and centerpieces or even as an accent on wedding favors.

Let It Shine

Shine on sister and create a colorful, memorable wedding bouquet.  Bright colors and playful textures are going to be a big wedding trend this coming year.  Stop back Saturday to go over more ways to incorporate both into your special day.  Whether you pump it up throughout your wedding decor or pick up a few ways to add a little pop here and there, we’ve got your 2012 colorful guide right here!