DIY Chair Back Ideas

Chair backs are a great wedding accessory.  From the ceremony to the reception they can dress up any chair your venue offers.

Chair backs are so versatile they can be created out of a variety of materials, from ribbon, tulle, raffia, silk flowers and wreathes. They are a perfect DIY wedding idea and can help save costs on wedding decorations for any budget wedding.’s recent fall wedding photo shoot featured several simple yet striking DIY fall chair back ideas.  Today we’re going to break down the steps to two chair backs; simply chic sunflower chair back and rustic birch wreath chair back.

Silk Sunflower Chair Back Idea

Simply Chic Sunflower

This is a wonderful DIY chair back design that can easily be put together ahead of time and then attached before your ceremony or reception.  Dress up your outdoor wedding ceremony by adding sunflower chair backs to your aisle chairs, or make a beautiful statement at your reception by adoring the bridal table with these chic sunflower design chair backs


Silk Sunflowers (cut from sunflower bush)
Black ribbon
Floral wire
Tools: floral wire cutters, hot glue

  1. Using the floral wire cutters snip the head of the sunflower and a few leaves from your silk sunflower bush.  Set them aside.
  2. Next you need to measure and cut your ribbon.  3 pieces about 30 inches long each, will give you enough length to achieve the look shown.
  3. Take separate pieces of ribbon and create a 3 inch loop at the top of each piece, them layer them together.  (If you are creating this look ahead of time to attach to your chairs the day of your wedding you are going to want to tack items in place with a dab of hot glue)
  4. Now you can attach your leaves and silk sunflower blooms where the ribbon comes together from the loops.  Tuck the green leaves behind the sunflower and tack both in place.
  5. The example attached the ribbon, sunflower chair back to the chair first with floral wire and then wrapped loose strands of raffia around the wire tying it just below the sunflower bloom.  A time saving tip, attach the raffia directly to the ribbon to have a complete chair back that you can attach to your chairs the day of with floral wire.
Sunflower Chair Back Idea



With a little prep work this Simply Chic Sunflower Chair back is ready to shine on your wedding day.  An excellent decor accent for your country, barn or outdoor wedding; customize your ribbon color from cream, green, purple or brown to better fit your wedding theme.





Natural Birch Wreath Chair Back Idea

Natural Birch Wreath

The second DIY fall chair back idea will win you over with it’s natural beauty and easy assembly.  Using a pre-made birch wreath add a touch of nature to your rustic, country or outdoor wedding.

You need 2 materials and 1 step:
20” Natural Birch Wreath
Floral wire

With one step take a piece of floral wire looping it through the top of your chair and the center of your wreath, twist or tie your ends adjusting your length to where you want the wreath to fall.




Natural Birch Wreath Chair Back Idea


That’s it one step, an easy DIY fall chair back you can assemble the day of your wedding.  Choose to decorate your bridal party chairs and guests can take their rustic wreathes home with them as favors.   Add a sash of ribbon to attach your wreath to the chair with instead of the floral wire and you can get a nice accent of color to match your wedding flowers.