DIY Candle Ring Centerpiece

This week we found some inspiration while flipping through the pages of Bridal Guide.  We loved this beautiful candle ring so much we decided to get to work, but we went one step further!
dream-themes copyNow you can create a beautiful centerpiece that can be used for every event theme and every season.  Using a wreath form and silk hydrangeas make this DIY wreath that you can use as a door wreath for the holidays or as a candle ring for a table centerpiece.  Mix and match your favorite silk flowers for a one of a kind design.  QLA7h_pwUJuYRbsIqokgCvko4FNY3D4ESt1328rZ5gEGather your materials.  For the base of this centerpiece you will need silk hydrangeas.  We decided to mix it up with a variety of hydrangeas to give it some depth.  We choose to use the cream and green hydrangea bouquet, two of the hydrangea bushes in cream white, and two of the silk flower hydrangea bushes in cream white at 22 inches.  You can pick from any of our high-quality silk hydrangeas for your wreath. You will also need a wire wreath form, wire cutters, and floral tape.  For the center of the candle ring we used a hurricane vase and a pillar candlehFyAtUPN7172wJDlP7RulAxBlVJd_0dmcJXnQy0XFxgYour first step will be to clip the flower heads off of the bushes.  Leave about 2 inches of stem to tape to the wire form. bJRRSw952cDxhIJfaEKhcktv3FAlrTF8tWENYFC1h-oTake a moment and look at this gorgeous pile of hydrangea blooms!h0n7ty0YFvoHKzdwdeeFZy6BvMBvn3tLmctSVbBWBdsBegin taping the flower heads to the wire wreath form with foral tape.  We worked from the inner ring to the outer ring, going clockwise around the form.  Z_d_6E2oG_F27v0GTYmEfa0oFoEclJ_lHAzpeMXBM6kWe added all of the flowers from one bush first so that each of the different hydrangeas were evenly spaced around the wreath form. mXG1dyMCN3hKOBmYrXKRZyfJf1NVr4mCN_SZ7whVc_kIf you are using it as a candle ring all you need to do now is lay it in the center of your table, place the hurricane vase and pillar candle in the center, and you are done! KP7WQ-xcAlSzjzxYM9EjKF1DVln2ZZjaaolvHnU2RnQ copyK0mvf_AVS-YRdLofo4y6YG9roBeFCpvzhDAniO7vIQYBut we weren’t done!  We came up with a new look for each season, and one for the holidays.  First comes Spring… GU23rwoW6Drcp3PEhGE7pkdS23tzbSzK7s1dFjNSNjYSummer. ATAX0nF1YCfP3l9Z5M-X2R8jdM8jxq8PQfjYsyU734A copyFall.7Jc_qwuO7BBXdL4OsItOiXLfsCAAZDIMPMjf25xX-7o copyAnd winter!Ismvq_6U28eB_h4p2R_SJiwqlTLZMgZqEe8NLUfZ4uA copyEach of these are perfect for a season inspired wedding centerpiece.  Not planning a wedding?  Try this one for your holiday table!weJ6EHKyOOPRT0XMVVMVyrrO1rN5ShXbd65gYq_caWoIf you would like to turn this into a wreath all you need to do is tie a bow on it.sBF5orYBtoeOzXb-8TbV2flOcfm5N7M1TwBATvXYT7o,9xHKH0KAuQqTijdNwCr35z-SyXZEbrn6XWdcriN3JJcFor the candle rings we did not tape the additional flowers to the wreath form so that they could easily be switched out.  However, we recommend attaching the additional stems with tape if you are using it as a door wreath.  To find all of the stems and décor we used in our additional looks, go here.

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