DIY Anemone Wedding Bouquet Idea

DIY wedding flower bouquets might seem like an intimidating project.  But the truth is armed with a little inspiration and your color, flower choices any bride can pull this off.

Have you come across a stunning inspiration photo you’d love to re-create?  Well that’s all you need to get started.

Today I have brought you a beautiful anemone wedding flower bouquet idea from  This soft romantic wedding bouquet is the perfect fit for a vintage wedding.  And it is made up of some of this year’s most popular floral stems: anemones, roses, ranunculus and dusty miller.  So where do we get started?

DIY Anemone Wedding Bouquet Idea
DIY Anemone Wedding Bouquet Idea

Materials, shop here for floral stems in this bouquet:


  • Trim greenery from rose and ranunculus sprays.
  • Start with pink roses and white ranunculus to create the shape and foundation of your bouquet.
  • Next add dusty miller sprays along the base of the bouquet with 2-3 stems incorporated into the layers of the rose and ranunculus blooms.
  • The last floral stems to add are the anemones.  Slide them into the arrangement playing with the height of the flower stems.  Use the inspiration photo as reference for placement.
  • Secure the stems with floral tape and trim the flower ends to be even.
  • Finishing touches add ribbon wrap like lace ribbon or stain ribbon decorated with adhesive pearls to complete your romantic bouquet.

Play around with your arrangement using your inspiration photo as a guide.  Maybe you want to dress  up the bouquet with pearl bead sprays or feathered pearl picks.  That is the fun of making your own DIY wedding bouquet you can customize your look!

And remember DIY wedding bouquets can be assembled months in advance leaving you at ease that you will have just the right look for your special day.  Floral stems are reasonably priced, those in our arrangement range from $1.99 to $2.99 each, giving you an affordable wedding flower arrangement.