Create A Tropical Orchid Bouquet

If you pictured yourself on a white sandy beach, sand between your toes, sweet smells of tropical flowers wafting through the breeze, and an orchid in your hair, this is for you. Whether you are planning a destination wedding on a tropical beach or creating your own tropical wedding theme, we can help you create your own orchid bouquet!

We’ve made it so simple by using our premade bouquets. You can decide the size you want for your bouquet.  Use as is, or combine additional bouquets to create a larger bouquet.

At our recent photo shoot in the Virgin Islands, we were were inspired by the colorful surroundings…..So we combined the bouquets.  In the first photo (left) we combined 2 Green & Purple Orchid Bouquets & (right) (1) Green & Purple with Orange Orchid Bouquet.  The bottom photo is (2) Green & Purple Orchid Bouquets.

Here is a sample of our Cybidium Orchid Bouquets.  Click on the picture to view.