Cinderella Carriage – Fall DIY Wedding Centerpiece

Have you always dreamed of a Cinderella wedding? Make your own magical fall wedding centerpiece in just two easy steps! clp3RYPWoTPFCAokBv6T7KuuTRia41TKN7zld7BoxYU,cjOf6RxQeAlm-2IrUdynPL_NaoPxNCZXTIF-vik1hU8First gather your supplies.  We will show you two different fall inspired looks, but you can use your favorite silk wedding flowers in your wedding colors.  JtbGW2dNbjkk-BTENs1EXeRBY-XuSRiSD6QNA3o-qOcp4,JzL27-EdCvmNgas40z0z6E0eUowEnVuysS0Tqc1-HcsFor our Fall themed design we chose to use one large sunflower and one large dahlia for inside of the small wire carriage.  For accents we choose silk Chinese Lantern stems, a mini Cymbidium Orchid spray, Queen Annes Lace, a Wild Grass bush, and an artificial berry spray. You will also need wire cutters1The first step is simple!  Cut the flower head off of the stem using wire cutters.  Place the flower head into the carriage. tSYvyJr5s4RVirDvUML8cUYigHrz_QnM9abujyDFmOI copyThe second step is just as easy!  Use wire cutters to cut apart your accent stems.  Most of our faux stems have a wire core so you will be able to wrap them around the carriage and they will stay in place. hN1kA1Zg5zy-LsnAtQ2K1CQLAsciaPQzZrHcfSQQWUYIf they are not wire you can weave them into the wire openings of the carriage, like with the wild grass.  If you want to add larger accent flower heads to the design you can attach them with hot glue.  WBRBYDqRmDTvqm3L38mFf3M50uXpTetnRjlzRBWOtXY-645x430yUHMVNIdfsH1F_dZHffxYn7BKIUKofYqQ8l43uFqzGsT7zrvS49VYvA7PgUkPRCKCtRBvWA0pODpG7fyRUzzvcFor the full fall centerpiece look, arrange your carriage on burlap table runners and surround in fall silk flowers and candle votives.  PUFrXGfd4D_6X6qphBcF85I7yX1o1jrVp8iyavhUudo,x7BmHOi9tnYrJ2kMwmMc9FCDbWaxkysCEYfxkbTOtkMLgMOh2y_JdW0y9qI-rlQTdQ0Fs1bqskAGLEHPe8_v1EAldhJNPL3Gyr3AAWPC2X3jk3mj70dpVaydCV4ndi74UQEsFNIHtlYD1VYjq1vF2mM-DF8PNQ9T39sVZOPLHv0IFor more tips follow our helpful DIY video.

Not planning a fall wedding? Fill the wire Cinderella carriages with your favorite flowers. GIjwQGYCgEER8IjGP18ZlAFiLr786GJc2vtZJd2I5l4 Create your own wedding centerpieces with wedding decorations and silk wedding flowers from

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