Chalkboard Wedding Decorations

Chalkboard Wedding Decoration Ideas
Chalkboard Wedding Decoration Ideas;; seller riverroadrustic;

Chalkboard decor is everywhere!  This hot trend is huge in wedding decor right now.  And it is the perfect wedding decoration for a rustic, woodland, country or even vintage wedding.

Chalkboard decorations are so popular because brides can customize them to create special touches in their wedding day for a small cost and ever smaller effort.  They  range from effortless to easy when it comes to DIY wedding projects.  Here are some creative ways to use chalkboard decorations in your wedding, followed by two great wedding chalkboard project ideas:

  • Signs: greet guests, announce the ceremony program, instruct guests where to sit, place by a favor table or guest book table.
  • Menus: food menu, label a buffet or dessert table, drink menu.
  • Little Details: use as escort cards, table numbers, label a candy buffet, bridal party chairbacks.
Wedding Chalkboard Menu Ideas;;
Wedding Chalkboard Menu Ideas;;

Ready to-go Chalkboard Decor

“Our Love Story” chalkboard sign is a sentimental, creative way to add some personalized touches to your wedding day, and a fun project for the bride and groom to-be to work on and reminisce over.  The “Mr. Right & Mrs. Always Right” chairback idea is an equally unique wedding decor project that requires minimal time and steps to create.  Simply order the size chalkboard your looking for and decorate with chalk or chalk paint markers!

DIY Chalkboard Drink Menu
DIY Chalkboard Drink Menu

Easy DIY Chalkboard Drink Menu

Chalkboard decor can make for a fun DIY wedding project.  Make your own version of the DIY drink menu from our inspiration photo.  Materials needed are wooden basswood plaque, krylon chalkboard paint from, blue painters tape and a plate stand available at your local dollar or craft store.

Note: Use chalkboard paint in a well ventilated area or outdoors. 

  1. Lay down newspaper or an old cloth to place the plaque on.
  2. With the blue painters tape, tape off a border around the plaque.  That area will not have chalkboard paint on it when finished.
  3. Make sure the tape edges are secure by going over them with your fingers.
  4. Shake the chalkboard spray paint can well.  Go over the plaque using a sweeping, back and forth, motion to evenly cover the area. May need 2-3 coats.
  5. Let air dry for the required time suggested on the paint can and until dry to touch.
  6. Remove painters tape and viola!

Another great thing about chalkboard decorations is after your wedding day there are countless ways to re-purpose them into home decor!