Budget Wedding Planning

Dollar signs can rack up fast when you are planning a wedding. Certain areas like venues, vendors and bridal gowns can take up a large part of your budget but not to be out done little things like decor, deposits, rehearsal costs and other details can multiply and topple over your budget too.

How are real brides suppose to set a realistic budget and stay within it?  With so much inspiration and so many ideas to incorporate into your day to make it extra special when do you say enough is enough?

Natasha Burton from Huff Post Weddings shows us how Kristen Abele and James Schulman score a Miami Beach wedding for $8,000.  Planning their wedding while in the first year of opening their own business Abele and Schulman found “deciding to spend less on our wedding wasn’t so much a big, conscious decision as it was a life necessity.

Above all, my husband and I wanted our wedding to be fun, carefree and a hell of a good time. So, we focused on the necessities: food, booze and a few core decor elements — you know, like tables.”  Abele didn’t get caught up in too many ideas for her wedding day, she shares some practical wedding resources that helped her apracticalwedding.com and google.com/weddings.

The couple found ways to cut costs and areas for big budget savings.  “Instead of a cake, a family friend offered to bake outrageously delicious cupcakes. We paired blue glass vases with white flowers — and not overdo it with the décor.”

Budget Wedding Planning

Abele and Schulman had a set idea but more importantly a set budget for their wedding day.  The couple was adamant their wedding had to come in under any typical Miami wedding budget that is around $18,000.  Knowing how much they had to spend the couple found areas to save and then were able to have an area to splurge like the bride’s dress.

You can reign in your wedding day by keeping decor simple with vases and wedding flowers as centerpieces, cupcakes for dessert and keeping guest list numbers down.  The couple found what was special for them, stayed true to themselves and made their budget work.

photo credits: vase centerpieces-budgetbridesguide.com; cupcake-recipegirl.com; beach wedding couple-cinnamonshore.com; small venue- flickr.com