Aisle Runners: From Red Carpet to Paved with Petals

Going back in time, the first white aisle runners had a completely different purpose. They were used to keep dirt or mud off the hem of the bride’s dress. Due to the unpaved streets and muddy weather conditions, the guests and attendants would track dirt into the church. Just before the bride made her entrance, they would remove the aisle runner keeping her dress clean. Now lining your wedding aisles are an intricate part of wedding decorating and they are used to stage the ceremony.[twocol_one]

Red Carpet Not Red

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The red carpet treatment does not have to be red anymore. Although making your grand entrance on a traditional white runner is still the most popular choice, many brides are venturing into color. Carpet or fabric aisle runners are available in an array of trendy colors & patterns. Carpets are the best choice for lining outdoor venues. They give the brides entrance the support needed to cover grass or dirt. Heels of shoes can poke through traditional plastic or paper runners, which could cause the bridal party to trip, instead of stroll down the aisle.[divider]

Paved in Petals

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Pretty, delicate petals can pave or line your way down the aisle.  Let mother nature help you out with color. Real or freeze dried petals are a great organic choice for a green wedding. If real petals are not within your budget or there are wedding guests with allergies, silk petals are a great alternative and come in a variety of colors not found in nature. When using silk petals, they can be hot glued to any fabric runner to create any pattern or an outline the bridal couples intitials. Please check with your venue, as they might have a preference as to what type of petal you choose.[divider]

Imprinted with Style

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Show your guests your own personality and style by designing your aisle runner. There are so many creative options to choose: Monograms, patterns or jewels can embellish your entrance. You can imprint with special elements of  your wedding theme such as flowers, hearts or even seasonal expressions of fall/holly leaves. Personal Messages or scripture, that are special to you as a couple, can be added along with your first names and wedding date.[divider]

Light The Way

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Make your aisle come alive with the romantic sparkle and glow of candles. Illuminating your aisle creates a warming elegant atmosphere. There are many methods of lighting available to light your wedding paths or aisles: Luminaries, lanterns, mason jars and cylinder vases can all be used with natural candles or battery operated lights. You can also consult your event planner for special effect lighting.  Churches and reception venues have strict fire codes so please consult with them before choosing to use natural light.[divider]
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