DIY – Magnolia & Peony Bouquet

Make your own wedding bouquets with high-quality and low cost wedding flowers from Do it yourself or get together with your bridesmaids for a fun wedding project!



Follow these easy steps to create your one-of-a-kind wedding bouquet.

1)  Gather your supplies. For this project you will need the Peony Bouquet in Cream Pink (or any of your favorite Peonies), Magnolias, Floral Tape, and your favorite bouquet wrap.



2)  Use your wire cutters or scissors to seperate the magnolias into individual stems.



3)  Add the magnolia stems to the already bound peony bouquet and wrap with floral tape.



4)  When you are happy with the look of your bouquet, wrap the stems together again with floral tape and then again in your favorite bouquet wrap.  Secure the bouquet wrap with a corsage pin or glue.


5)  Finish your bouquet by clipping the stems so they are all the same length and add any additional flare, like a diamond bouquet wrap or a brooch.


For all of the products used in this DIY, click here.


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