DIY – Floral Table Runner

Create this gorgeous cascading floral table runner for your next event!  All you’ll need is this DIY design and our wide varitey of wedding flowers to decorate your wedding tablescapes.


Follow these easy steps to create your floral table runner.

1) Gather your supplies.  For this project you will need your favorite silk flowers, greenery, and garlands.  As well as scissors or wire cutters and floral tape.



2) Lay out all of your greenery so that it covers the length of the table.  Remember to add additional length for the cascade.  For this DIY we used preserved seeded eucalyptus.

3) Once you are happy with the length and fullness of the runner, attach stems with floral tape.



4) Lay your garlands down on the greenery and attach with floral tape.



5) Cut your flower stems so there is about three to five inches of stem.  Add flowers to your garland.  When you are happy with the look, tape into place.



Voilà!  This simple DIY can be made long before your event and will look great on the big day.  Decorate your table scape with a sequin table runner under the flowers or decorative candle votives, but this floral table runner is beautiful enough to stand alone!



    1. Hi Mariann! We used approximately 6 preserved eucalyptus bundles to create a really full look on a long table. It can vary depending on the type of greenery used and the fullness of the garland.

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