More DIY Winter Chair Back Ideas

winter DIY chair backs

They’re back!  Here’s the second installment of’s DIY winter chair back ideas.

So why are we so in love with wedding chair backs?  Well because they are a simple, easy wedding project that will give you a big, stylish look at a budget, affordable price.  Chair backs are a fabulous wedding accessory that can tie your whole look together.

Often brides can find themselves at the mercy of their venue space.  A venue can furnish tables and chairs, but then you are stuck with what they have to offer.  Chair rentals are another option but upgrades on chairs can leave you stuck with a lot of fees and a big price tag.

So what are you to do?  Like a Project Runway episode, you find yourself down to the last minute, not quite sure if your look is going to work.  Faced with drab chairs you must take to heart the words of Tim Gunn, “Make it work”.

Make it work with a quick and easy DIY wedding project.  DIY chair backs can change reception or ceremony chairs from drab  to fab with little cost and time.  Today we are going to feature two DIY wedding chair back ideas;  the dramatic black tulle and red rose chair back and the white winter wonderful with white tulle, silk rose, feathers and crystal jewels.

red rose chair back

Red Rose Chair Back

The red rose chair back is as simple as 1, 2, 3, with only 2 main products:

  1. Trim the silk red rose to about 3 inches on the stem
  2. Take 1 yard of black tulle (to save time cut the 25 yard bolt of black tulle into 1 yard measurements when doing multiple chairs) draw it around the top of the chair.  With the ends meeting in the center back of the chair tie a double knot.
  3. All that’s left to do is slid the trimmed rose stem into the center of the knot.  Secure with floral wire or a dab of adhesive.

This DIY wedding chair back is the perfect accent to a dramatic, red rose winter wedding theme.  Adding a touch of warmth and romance with the classic beauty of the rose and a bit of drama with the choice of black tulle.

The bridal table at your reception will be sure to catch attention with these chair backs.  Go all out and do all your reception chairs with several 25 yard bolts of black tulle at only $1.99 each and silk sophia rose stems at $4.49 a piece.

white feather, crystal chair back

Winter Wonderland Chair Back

The second DIY wedding chair back, winter wonderland, follows the same instructions as the red rose chair back.  With the following materials:

  1. Trim the silk rose stem and feather pick.
  2. Take 1 yard of tulle, draw at around the top of the chair and tie double knotted at the center back.
  3. Insert the feather pick first so that it sits behind the white rose.  Next insert the white rose and finish by hanging the crystal globe jewel.

The stunning winter wonderland look is achieved through key elements.  The draping tulle, lush silk rose, soft feathers, sparkle of the crystal jewel and the pure white palette.  The perfect, fitting wedding accessory to’s complete crystal and feather wedding theme.

These chair backs would turn anyone’s head at your reception, but don’t rule out your ceremony.   Use chair back down the aisle chairs for a touch of style and a fitting decor accent.

Style You Can Afford

There you go.  The latest installment of’s DIY wedding chair back ideas for our winter brides.  The perfect DIY wedding project for any level DIYer and budget bride looking to add a little affordable style to her special day. Stop back Saturday for a complete run down on’s red rose winter wedding theme.  See you then!