I'm a crafter, social butterfly, and romantic sap. Weddings are my passion and nothing makes me happier than designing flowers for family and friends. When I am not blogging or perusing the web for the latest wedding trends, you will find me in my most important role of Wife and Mother of 3 (crazy, active, intelligent) boys.
I'm a contributing blogger for My background is in fine arts and I love to plan a good party. I'm an avid crafter/ DIYer and am your go to person for DIY project steps and tips. I'm always looking for new or different wedding design ideas to put a little extra spark in your special day.
Hi there! My name is LeAnne and I am a contributing blogger for You may remember me from earlier bridal inspiration boards, as I have helped hundreds of brides with their wedding flower selections! After my own vintage Italian wedding (finally!!!) I'm back with a new name, a little floral advice, and a lot of love to all you brides-to-be out there!
Kristen identifies as a serial entrepreneur, fame addict, and closet foodie who just happens to have a gift for the gab. She is the "anti-crafter" of the Afloral blog, trying to connect with brides who are all thumbs and no patience. When not blogging, she might be found Instagraming pretty pictures of her wardrobe, elbows deep in a new business idea, or throwing a solo dance party.
A lover of colorful, creative florals and wedding themes, I am the "Chisel" of the office who enjoys tackling the three P's: Policy, Problems, and Paperwork.
As the web designer and developer at, I'm often immersed in pixels and code, and covet the balance between simplicity and creative expression. When away from my desk, I'm either quoting popular cinema, riding a bicycle, spinning records, or some combination of the three.
I'm just a girl who loves pretty things and what is more pretty than flowers and everything that has to do with them? I'm a graphic artist and try to put beauty in everything that I do.