Hi there! My name is LeAnne and I am a contributing blogger for You may remember me from earlier bridal inspiration boards, as I have helped hundreds of brides with their wedding flower selections! After my own vintage Italian wedding (finally!!!) I'm back with a new name, a little floral advice, and a lot of love to all you brides-to-be out there!

Katie’s Navy and Sangria Wedding Inspiration Board

Katie writes:
The theme for my wedding is casual, but classy. When looking at flowers, I’ve decided that I would really like to us Gerber Daisies. My main color is a light Sangria with accents of silver and navy blue.

Oh how I love this color combination. I created your board with silk flowers in a sangria purple, navy, and white. I also included a gorgeous gerbera daisy and hydrangea bouquet photo from Wedding Bells as a reference – though you can of course go with something a little different. For example, I think creating the bouquet with navy hydrangea and sangria purple gerberas would be absolutely gorgeous! Wrap the bouquet stems with a navy ribbon and accent with silver tipped pins to complete the look. Hope this helps, LeAnne!

Malaithip’s Red and White Wedding Flower Inspiration Board

Malaithip writes:
My wedding colors are red and white, my favorite flower is rose.

Red and white wedding, my favorite colors. Simple, yet sooo stunning! I picked 2 different bouquet styles from Wedding Bee and Debbie Co Flowers. Although both have red roses as the main flower in the bouquet, one has white lilies for more of a contrast, and the other with smaller white stephanotis. Either will look wonderful as your wedding bouquets, it all depends on your personal preference. Feel free to also incorporate other bouquet items such as green grass pieces or ostrich feathers for a more modern look. Congratulations, LeAnne!

Melissa’s Plum Purple and Cream Wedding Inspiration Board

Melissa writes:
Bridesmaid dresses are plum. Wedding colors are plum and silver. Tuxes are grey. Wedding dress is white. Really like calla lilies, especially purple or tipped in purple, maybe hydrangeas and also like roses.

Melissa, what gorgeous flower ideas! I found the perfect bouquet from Blossoms Floral Artistry that matches the flowers you like. Creating the bouquets with plum and/or plum tipped callas, cream and cream green hydrangeas, and creamy white roses will create that timeless yet stunning feel you are looking for. Bring in a silver accent by wrapping the bouquet stems with a silver ribbon. Happy planning, LeAnne!

Amy’s Sangria, Latte, and Truffle Flower Inspiration Board

Amy tells us:
Theme.. Modern
colors… Latte, Champagne, Sangria
Favorite Flowers… Sunflowers, dalias, mums, combine, daisy

What beautiful colors and flowers you have chosen! We made your inspiration board using latte colored dahlias, brown gerbera daisies, and sangria mums. Making a bouquet using these flowers will be stunning, modern, and match your wedding colors perfectly! Since you also love sunflowers, I say add 3 golden yellow blooms to really make the bouquet “pop!” Adding that yellow will really compliment the other wedding colors. Finish the look by adding a brown ribbon around the stems – also gives the bouquet a more modern appearance! Congrats on your wedding, LeAnne!

Sarah’s Rustic Garden Sunflower Inpiration Board

Sarah writes:
The theme of my wedding is “rustic garden”. I want a comfy feeling. My main flower is going to be sunflowers. I want my bouquet to be just sunflowers but have no idea what to do for bridesmaids. They will be wearing deep purple (eggplant). I also want another accent color of mossy green. For the center pieces I want to do something with lanterns and candlelight.

Sarah, I love the rustic gardern idea! I have made your board with various sunflowers, from a single stem to a bush that you could use for your centerpieces. I think using all sunflowers for your bouquets is a great idea, for the bridesmaids – why not add in eggplant sweetpea and green gerberas – both flowers you can use in your centerpiece arrangements as well. Finish the bouquet’s looks by wrapping the stems with some very rustic appropriate natural raffia. Good luck with all your wedding planning, LeAnne!