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The Meaning Behind Five Popular Wedding Rituals

While planning a wedding, brides worry most about their dress,  flowers,  food, and venue. But, they sometimes forget all the little rituals and traditions that are part of this big event. Although these rituals and traditions might seem silly, or you might take them for granted, they have a deep rooted history. Without them, a… Read More »

Using Your Astrological Sign to Pick Wedding Colors

Picking your wedding colors can be a confusing task. Do you go with the latest trends? Do you stick with a traditional color combo like black, white, and red? Do you pick wedding colors based  on the date of your wedding?  The possibilities are really endless, and for a DIY bride, can be quite overwhelming…. Read More »

Five Wedding Centerpieces Under $25

Not every DIY bride has a $5000 budget. In fact, most brides are working with less than $500 for their wedding flowers and wedding decor.  But don’t sacrifice quality for cost, there are many gorgeous wedding centerpieces you can make for less than $25 a piece, using our faux flowers of course.. Here are my… Read More »

Top 5 Spring Runway Trends Also Seen in Wedding Decor

NY Fashion week is over, did you catch some of the latest runway trends? I personally eat, sleep, and breathe fashion. I love following my favorite designers on Instagram, and seeing what beautiful creations they’re going to make next. While working for, I also noticed some huge similarities between fashion trends and wedding trends…. Read More »

Five Must Haves for a Vintage Wedding Bouquet

I am so in love with the latest vintage wedding trend. There’s rustic vintage, glam vintage, the list is endless. But, at the end of the day, there are five elements that every good vintage wedding bouquet needs. 1. Soft, Muted Tones My favorite vintage wedding colors are blush and lavender. You will never see… Read More »

Top 5 Art Deco Wedding Trends

Art deco weddings are super in this year, and this style is one of my personal favorites. It’s just SO glamourous, and can really be done any time of the year. When this wedding trend first emerged, I had absolutely no idea what the term “art deco” actually meant. But just to give you some… Read More »

How to Dress Up Your Premade Bouquet

If you’re a no fuss kinda girl, chances are you’re using premade bouquets on your wedding day. Some have the crafting eye and patience to be DIY brides, but others just want simple, hassle free wedding flowers. offers a large selection of stunning premade wedding bouquets. We have boho bouquets, rustic bouquets, traditional bouquets,… Read More »

How to Accent Your Submersible Centerpiece

This week we’ve been focusing a lot on submersible wedding centerpieces.  They are so popular right now, and incredibly easy to assemble. On Wednesday, I wrote about my picks for top five submersible wedding centerpieces (the fish bowl one was my favorite!) but today I want to show you what products you can use to… Read More »