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How to Incorporate Mercury Glass in Your Wedding Decor

A couple years ago, mercury glass vases entered the wedding decorations arena. They add a touch of elegance and glam to an otherwise simple wedding table arrangement. Personally, we love using mercury glass containers because they are so incredibly versatile, and add a bit of sparkle to any wedding theme.

Pair it with black and silver for a formal affair, or pair it with eggplant and burnt orange for an autumn wedding. The possibilities really are endless.

Check out our favorite mercury glass looks below.

Mercury Glass Wedding Table Setting from
Mercury Glass Wedding Table Setting from

We recently created this look for an outdoor photoshoot. This table setting is perfect for a bright and cheery summer wedding. We mixed the mercury  glass containers with fuchsia vintage bottles and faux flowers, which helped kept the entire look very fun and informal.

Eggplant Mercury Glass Centerpiece from
Eggplant Mercury Glass Centerpiece from

This look is way more elegant, and would be best for a late fall wedding. Keep it classy and simple with one eggplant colored rose and a couple sprays of black berries.

Succulent Wedding Centerpiece
Succulent Wedding Centerpiece

If you love mercury glass, but aren’t a huge fan of faux flowers, try incorporating greenery and succulents instead. We love this wedding centerpiece because the moss and greenery overflow outside the container. It is dramatic, but so easy to recreate.

Mercury Glass Candleholders from Style Me Pretty
Mercury Glass Candleholders from Style Me Pretty

This wedding table arrangement is so gorgeous.We love how the height of each piece varies. The low hydrangeas act as a gorgeous foundation to the high candleholders.

Did you use mercury glass in your wedding decor? Comment below!

Five Rules for Choosing Your Premade Wedding Bouquet

1. Order Samples

If I’m being honest, our products are actually pretty true to the way they’re pictured online. But sometimes, a photo might not clearly represent how the wedding bouquet looks in person. That is why we always, ALWAYS recommend ordering one or two samples before you place your entire order.

Wedding Rose Bouquet in Red Pink Beauty
Wedding Rose Bouquet in Red Pink Beauty

2. Know Your Ideal Size

Do you want a lush, full wedding bouquet or a simple, understated bouquet? Once you get your samples, bunch  2-3 bouquets together so you know how big you want your bridal bouquet to be. Sometimes, our brides will use three premade bouquets for their wedding bouquet and one for the bridesmaid bouquets, but it’s all up to you and your preference. Once you’ve figured this out, make sure you order accordingly.

3. Finish with Decorative Bouquet Wrap

If you’re ordering one of our premade wedding bouquets, chances are it is held together with green wrap or wire, but it doesn’t come with decorative ribbon around it. (Some of them do, but generally speaking, most do not). In your sample order, make sure you also pick out one or two different decorative ribbons to use for bouquet wrap. Test out each one, and when you’ve picked which one you like best, you can feel free to return the one you didn’t use, as long as it wasn’t cut.

The black and white striped ribbon is my absolute favorite, so simple and trendy :)

Black and White Striped Ribbon from
Black and White Striped Ribbon from

4. Don’t Forget Your Flower Girl

Sometimes our brides get so caught up in ordering bouquets for themselves and the bridesmaids, they forget to order something small for the flower girl. If she’s throwing petals, don’t forget to add some of our colorful rose petals to your cart. If she isn’t throwing petals, we recommend ordering a kissing ball for her to carry down the aisle.

These bright pink petals are so cheery, perfect for a summer wedding.

Pink Rose Petals from
Pink Rose Petals from

5. Fluff It

Finally, don’t forget ladies, these are faux flowers. When you pull them out of the box, there is a chance that they might be slightly bent, and will need some love. Position the flower head outward, and pull the stems a bit more towards you. This is what we call “fluffing” :)

How to Create a Wedding Centerpiece with Spring Bushes

If you’re a not so DIY girl like myself, you’re looking for the easiest way out of any craft. If someone asks you to paint a picture, you buy a paint by number. Please tell me I’m not the only one like this 😉

Anyways, when it comes to wedding centerpieces, I love the full, colorful look, but I absolutely hate arranging faux flowers in a container until it’s “just right”. I’d rather throw something together, and have it look like I spent five hours on it, instead of  five minutes.

Well, this is where our gorgeous spring bushes come into play.

Making a spring centerpiece is so easy with our lush bushes, all you really need to do is bunch a few together and voila! – gorgeous centerpiece.

Whimsical Spring Centerpiece
Whimsical Spring Centerpiece from

For this whimsical butterfly centerpiece, we used:

1 copper bucket

3 blue butterfly clips

1 yellow daisy bush

1 green daisy bush

1 aqua daisy bush

1 red daisy bush

And all you do is bunch the bushes together, toss them in the container, and clip on a few butterflies for sass. Five minutes later, and you’ve got a stunning centerpiece on your hands.

See? It really is that easy. I must say, this hassle free DIY method makes me want to create some spring centerpieces for my apartment. I think I found my weekend project :)

Happy crafting,


The Meaning Behind Five Popular Wedding Rituals

While planning a wedding, brides worry most about their dress,  flowers,  food, and venue. But, they sometimes forget all the little rituals and traditions that are part of this big event.

Although these rituals and traditions might seem silly, or you might take them for granted, they have a deep rooted history. Without them, a  wedding wouldn’t seem like a wedding.

Curious and intrigued, I went in search of reasons behind the most common wedding rituals, and here’s what I found.

Giving Away the Bride

The process of giving away the bride dates back to a time when young women were thought of as property. Until they were married, they were owned by their fathers, and he could even use them in business negotiations. It was common for fathers to promise their daughter’s  to wealthy men, in hopes that they too would benefit from this exchange.

As sexist and outdated as this tradition might seem, it’s still quite common. However, the modern day meaning behind it is more symbolical, which is why this tradition is still widely accepted. Now, it is interpreted as the father “letting go” of his little girl, and allowing her to become an independent woman.

The Lighting of the Unity Candle

The unity candle ceremony is most common in traditional weddings with religious undertones.  One secular interpretation of this is the sand ceremony, which you can read more about below. In the unity candle ceremony, the bride and groom both use two smaller candles to simultaneously light one large candle. This symbolizes the joining of two as one.

Unity Candle Ceremony from
Unity Candle Ceremony from

The Broom Ceremony

While doing some research, I found an old tradition called the broom ceremony. This is a common ritual among African American couples, although it isn’t practiced as much now as it used to be. When slavery existed, slaves were not allowed to have traditional, legally recognized ceremonies. The broom ceremony was something that developed within the community, as a secret way of confirming a couple’s union. The officiant would place a broom on the ground, and the couple would jump over it together. This symbolized them crossing over together into a new life.

The Sand Ceremony

The sand ceremony is the secular version of the unity candle. Not everyone wants a ceremony based on religious tradition, but they still want to do something that signifies the joining of two into one. The sand ceremony is the perfect alternative. The bride and groom both pour different colored sand into a glass, which is fun, symbolic, and gives them a great post wedding keepsake.

Sand Ceremony from
Sand Ceremony from


Circling is a popular tradition in Eastern Europe, especially among those who practice the Hindu religion. In this ritual, the bride and groom circle the altar three times, which symbolizes their newfound journey together as a couple,  and unified them as one. Circling is to Eastern Europeans as a post ceremony kiss is to Americans –  a publicly acknowledged way of sealing the deal.

Do you have any unique wedding rituals that your family practices? Comment below!

Using Your Astrological Sign to Pick Wedding Colors

Picking your wedding colors can be a confusing task. Do you go with the latest trends? Do you stick with a traditional color combo like black, white, and red? Do you pick wedding colors based  on the date of your wedding?  The possibilities are really endless, and for a DIY bride, can be quite overwhelming.

Today, I want to throw another idea out there:  how about picking your wedding colors based on your astrological sign? I thought this was a fun new way to simplify this task. If you’ve already picked your wedding colors, scroll down and find your sign. Wouldn’t it be crazy if you picked the colors I recommend? I’m definitely not a fortune teller, but I think I just might be spot on with this. 😉

Aries – You’re fiery, energetic, and passionate. Incorporate red on your wedding day to bring out your best qualities. If you want to be bold, do red table linens, red bridesmaid dresses, and red decor. If you just want to keep it simple, use the traditional black, white, and red color combo.

Red Wedding

Taurus – You have a soothing and serene personality, so chances are, you’re not a bridezilla. An earthy, natural green wedding would be perfect for you and your down to earth tendencies.

Green Wedding

Gemini – You are ball full of warm, positive energy. You might not be a bridezilla, but you know what you want. Yellow is bright and features your cheery disposition, but is also bold and stands out, just like you.

Yellow Wedding

Cancer – You’re classy and sophisticated. You don’t make quick decisions, you just let a team of people do the busywork and wedding planning. Silver and white are the perfect colors for your wedding day.

Silver Wedding

Virgo – You love surrounding yourself with earthy tones, it makes you feel at home and in touch with nature. Incorporate a mixture of chocolate browns, beiges, and creams into your wedding decor.

Brown Wedding

Leo – You are powerful, and love to run the show. Sometimes, you feel like you were born in the wrong era, and should be sitting on Cleopatra’s throne. Metallic gold is the perfect wedding color for your big day. Pair it with jewel tones to complete the look.

Gold Wedding

Libra – Lady Libra, you love your blues. Instead of wearing a black blazer, you commonly rock navy blue. Incorporate this color into your wedding day, possibly using a nautical theme.

Navy Blue Wedding

Scorpio – Your power colors are red and black. Play up your eyes on your big day with a smokey look, and add touches of crimson or blood red to your wedding decor.

Red Black Wedding

Sagittarius – Your love drama, and rich purples and saturated blues will suit you perfectly. This sign could really rock a peacock colored wedding.

Peacock Wedding

Capricorn – You prefer traditional over exotic, and like to stick with earthy tones such as burgundy, burnt orange, and sage.

Earth Wedding

Aquarius – You love to daydream and use your imagination. Turquoise, ocean blues, and corals would be a perfect reflection of you on your wedding day.

Blue Wedding

Pisces – You are partial to romantic pastels, which suit your soft, yet colorful nature. I recommend using lavender or mint, those will highlight your personality best.

Pastel Wedding