Jennifer Burklow

How to Avoid Post Honeymoon Weight Gain

I would venture to say that most women lose weight before their wedding. Maybe you’ve been working out like crazy. At the very least, you’ve probably been paying close attention to the food you’ve been putting into your body. Whether you’ve been dieting and exercising, or losing weight due to stress, weddings seem to be… Read More »

How to Change Your Last Name

The biggest hassle after getting married had to be changing my last name.  I was not prepared for how big of a pain in the you-know-what it was going to be, and it was one of the parts of married life I was looking forward to the most.

Top 5 Date Ideas for Married Couples

If you’re anything like my husband and me, you’re getting a little stir crazy staying in and staying warm in the middle of winter. Here are some ways to get up and get out of the house for a bit while spending some quality time with your hubs!

Roles in Your Marriage

Did you have to go through some sort of pre-marital counseling before you got married?  If so, you probably had to meet with the priest/preacher performing your ceremony, and I’ll bet one of the first topics you touched on was your husband’s role as a leader.

How to Handle Your In-Laws

Money is commonly known as the leading cause of divorce.  While your relationship with your in-laws may not cause you to divorce, it can sure put some tension on your marriage!  Even if you get along great with your spouse’s parents, you’re bound to encounter a bump in the road at some point.

Top 6 Money Saving Tips

You’ve gone from 1 to 2 incomes, and you think you’re rolling in the dough. More often than not, what has really happened is you’ve inherited your spouse’s debt. With student loans, credit cards, cars and house payment, your income may have doubled, but so have your bills. Here are some ways to save money… Read More »