What Are Your Wedding Flowers Saying?


Like a primitive Snapchat, flowers were once used to send a message. We’re here with the meanings of the top wedding flowers so you can choose your wedding flowers wisely.



Roses have long been a symbol for love, but did you know that each color has a different meaning? For example, you may want to avoid yellow roses on your big day, as they say “Let’s just be friends.”


Red roses symbolize passionate love and romance.  We can’t think of anything that is more romantic than a bouquet of red roses!


White roses, or the Bridal Rose, can mean purity, innocence, and secrecy.



The perfect wedding flower, peonies stand for good fortune and a long and happy marriage.



The hydrangea is the symbol of heartfelt emotion. Is there another day with more heartfelt emotion than a wedding?!

Lily of the Valley


Kate Middleton carried a delicate bundle of Lily of the Valley down the aisle. She chose these flowers knowing that in Victorian Flower Language they symbolize trustworthiness.

Find the full DIY for this affordable faux flower bouquet here.

Calla Lilies


The Calla Lily is a wedding favorite. The word Calla comes from the Greek word for Beautiful, so it’s kind of perfect. These stunners symbolize royalty and magnificence.



Orchids represent love, luxury, beauty and strength.

Don’t believe us?


How luxurious is this wedding centerpiece! Pair it with roses & hydrangeas and you have a wedding centerpiece that proclaims love, joy, beauty and understanding.

Show us your faux flower bouquet by tagging your photos with #Afloral.  Don’t forget to tell use the meaning of your beautiful bundle.

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