Using Petals

Planning for your wedding can sometimes feel like an endless list of questions that need to be answered.  Well, when it comes to petals you can rest easy because is here to help!


Whether you are scattering petals down your aisle or sprinkling them on your tables, we have you covered.  At we carry both silk petals and biodegradable, freeze dried rose petals.

Silk and Freeze Dried Petals 3

What Kind Of Petals Should I Use?

Silk-Rose-Petals-in-Red-100-Piece-Bag_main-1Silk flower petals are made from a high quality micro peach polyester fabric.  They have a realistic shape and feel and measure about 2″ to 2 1/4″ in diameter each.  They come in a wide variety of colors.  One benefit of silk petals is that you have a better chance of finding your wedding colors in faux.  For example, it’s hard to find a pure white or blue fresh rose to pluck petals from.  That isn’t true for silk flower petals.  Another benefit is that they will keep their “fresh” look for a very, very long time!

Freeze-dried rose petals are actual flower petals picked from a fresh rose.  The fresh flower petals are preserved through the process of freeze-drying.  This is done by first freezing the petals (we are talking temperatures around -20 degrees Fahrenheit – BRRR!!!) and then the petals are dried so all of the moisture is evaporated.  This is all done in specialized machinery and is not an at home DIY project. What is left is a perfectly preserved rose petal.  The petals are not brittle, like all of those old prom corsages and first date bouquets we can’t get rid of.  They are pliable and soft, not quite like petals from a fresh rose but close.

Freeze Dried Petals PackagingBiodegradable-Freeze-Dried-Rose-Petals-in-Red-8-Cups_main-2
When you receive your petals you do not need to freeze them.  They should be kept dry and at room temperature.  Even though they have been preserved, they will sadly not last forever.  We recommend that you order them 2 to 4 weeks before your event.  They can last up to a year but as they age they will brown and the colors will fade.

How Many Petals Will I Need? 

That is a question on a lot of bride’s minds.  The first step is deciding whether you want freeze dried petals, silk petals or both.  And the second step is to decide how you are going to be using them at your wedding.  Will you have the flower girl tossing them down the aisle or are you using them to decorate your tables?

Let’s start by taking a look at how many you will need to scatter on a table or aisle.  Keep in mind that freeze dried petals come in 8 cup quantities and silk petals come in a package of 100 petals.

Freeze-Dried Petals:
1. For a scattered look you will need 1 cup per square foot
2. For a light coverage you will need 2 cups per square foot
3. For a moderate coverage you will need 4 cups per square foot
4. For a dense coverage you will need 8 cups per square foot

The chart below will help you figure out how many petals you will need for an average 3′ wide aisle:

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 5.06.20 PM

If you are using as table decoration we recommend you use  2 to 4 cups per table.  That equals 1/4 to 1/2 a bag per table.

Silk Petals:
1. For a scattered look you will need 20 petals per square foot
2. For a light coverage you will need 50 petals per square foot
3. For a moderate coverage you will need 100 petals per square foot
4. For a dense coverage you will need 200 petals per square foot

Blog-PetalsThe chart below will help you figure out how many petals you will need for an average 3′ wide aisle:

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 9.00.22 PM
If you are using as table decoration we recommend you use  50 to 100 petals per table.  That equals 1/2 to 1 bag per table.

For a flower girls we recommend 100 – 200 silk petals or 4 – 8 cups freeze-dried petals per flower girl. You can find a sweet little basket for your flower girl here.

If you you would like your guests to t0ss petals we recommend 12 – 18 silk petals or 1/3 – 1/2 a cup per guest. You can find paper cones for each of your guests here.

For the full Petal Quantity Calculator check out our friends at Petal Garden.

Can I Submerge / Float Them In Water?

We had the same question so we did some testing over here at Afloral headquarters and here is what we found out…IMG_5647
Silk petals look beautiful floating in a clear glass vase.  Add a floating candle and you have the perfect wedding centerpiece.  What we discovered after making our own centerpiece is that silk petals will float for approximately 3 – 4  hours.  After that time they will sink.  This is only true for centerpieces that are left alone and not agitated, which will make them sink at a faster rate.  For vibrant petal colors we recommend that you do a trial run prior to your event to make sure the petals do not bleed into the water.  However, we did not have any bleeding during our experiment!

For freeze-dried rose petals we do not recommend using them in a centerpiece with water.  You have to remember that these petals went through a lengthy process to remove all the moisture.  What we discovered when we created this centerpiece was that they floated for about an hour.  After that time they begin to lose their shape and become very soggy.  As they become mushy they also begin to bleed into the water.  So, the moral of the story is that while they made a beautiful arrangement for our impromptu photo shoot,  they are not recommended for event centerpieces.

A few tips:
To soften the freeze-dried rose petals for a more natural look and feel you can gently steam them immediately before your event.

Be very careful using silk and freeze-dried petals with floating candles.  They can catch fire!  We would highly recommend not using a floating candle with floating petals or to use an LED floating candle.

Silk-Rose-Petals-in-White-100-Piece-Bag_PET-WS-WHITESilk-Rose-Petals-in-Ivory-and-Pink-100-Piece-Bag_PET-WS-IVORYPINKSilk-Rose-Petals-in-Cotton-Candy-100-Piece-Bag-pink_PET-WS-COTTONCANDY Silk-Rose-Petals-in-Hot-Pink-100-Piece-Bag-2_PET-WS-HOTPINK Silk-Rose-Petals-in-Purple-100-Piece-Bag_WS-PURPLE Silk-Rose-Petals-in-Cobalt-Blue-100-Piece-Bag_WS-COBALT_main-1

For our full list of the petals available at you can click here.  For any questions you have while shopping on please LiveChat one of our amazing customer service representatives!




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