Behind the Scenes with Emmy-Ray Design Studio

wedding arch

We’re taking you behind the scenes with Emmy-Ray Design Studio! We love collaborating with designers to bring you amazing DIYs. Emily’s latest DIY with Afloral silk flowers was a beautiful wedding arch we know you’ll love. This would be perfect for your wedding ceremony or as a backdrop for a photo booth at your reception.


We absolutely love what she is doing and hope you’ll check out her blog! You can watch her full DIY and see what products she used here.


Design: Emmy-Ray Design Studio | Photography: Jana Marie | Venue and ceremony arch: Ultrapom Event Rental

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Colorful Wedding Bouquet Inspiration

Who doesn’t love scrolling through Green Wedding Shoes all starry-eyed, taking in the gorgeous weddings and dreaming of your big day?!  When we saw this colorful bouquet and discovered that it was made with silk flowers we were over the moon. colorfulohio-wedding-07 2 Newlyweds and artists Emily & Tyler had the ultimate DIY wedding.  Emily arranged all of the bouquets herself and they are amazing! colorfulohio-wedding-08colorfulohio-wedding-06 The stunning mix of real touch peonies and gorgeous greenery creates a wild and whimsical look that is on point this year. Any bridesmaid would be thrilled to carry these beauties down the aisle, and the best part – they get to keep them as a keepsake after the wedding!colorfulohio-wedding-09 2 colorfulohio-wedding-10 2To find all the amazing florals from this wedding visit  And take a moment to check out the full wedding on Green Wedding Shoes.

Photographer: Christa Kimble Photography | Venue: Allardale Lodge Medina, Ohio | Flowers: Designed by Bride with silk flowers from Afloral | Wedding Dress: BHLDN gown by Rachel Gilbert | Hair: VCS Salon & Spa | Makeup: Salon Evangelene | Groom Suit: J.Crew

2016 Pantone Wedding Flower Color of the Year!


This year Pantone chose the blending of cool and warm in Serenity and Rose Quartz for the 2016 color of the year. This color combination represents balance and harmony as the warm tones and cool tones merge together to become one. We can’t think of a better way to symbolize the joining of two individuals in marriage! Use these two colors in your wedding décor this year to represent your beautiful union.


There are unlimited ways to make use of the Pantone color of the year in your wedding. Use rose gold containers or votives for a glam or vintage look in your wedding. Layer tulle in both shades on chair backs or pew décor. Create beautiful lush bouquets in rosy hues of rose quartz and tie them off with ribbon in serenity blue, or mix flowers of shades of each color. Flower walls are huge this year in wedding décor, create the beautiful blending of rose quartz and serenity by making an ombré flower wall with flowers that range from one color to the other and all the periwinkles and lavenders in between.


At we have a wide variety of gorgeous silk flowers that vary in hues of serenity blue and rose quartz pink. Choose from beautiful anemones, lush peonies, elegant calla lilies, wild flowers and more! There are endless possibilities for the 2016 Pantone colors of the year. These colors will bring balance, harmony and romantic beauty to any wedding theme. Dream big, be creative, and use rose quartz and serenity to signify the harmonious blending of two into one!

Meet the Winners!

SYWP-contest-blogunspecified-4 Meet Jaclyn and David, the 2015 Submit Your Wedding Photos Contest winners!  Set in the mountains of Colorado, this rustic chic wedding is an inspiration for the DIY bride.
mplantz-4987The bride walked down an aisle lined with lanterns filled with pink rose bouquets.  The chairs were wrapped in linen chair sashes for a charming and personal touch. And at the end of it all stood a beautiful wedding arch wrapped in magnolias.
unspecified-16unspecified-5Jaclyn made all of the bouquets with faux flowers.  Real touch peonies, as well as anemones and lambs ear, make up these enchanting bouquets.
unspecified-12Jackie-David-Wedding-C-MERRILL-HIGH-95mplantz-6196Floral arrangements varied, with rustic, sweet rose and lambs ear arrangements in wood containers to more glamorous table centerpieces featuring gold metallic vases and magnolias.
mplantz-4959 mplantz-6321-(1)Even the escort card table and dessert table were adorned with flowers!
From the Bride: “When we started planning our wedding we wanted to pick a venue that meant something to us as a couple. Together we have hiked over 50 of Colorado’s 14,000 ft peaks and decided what better place than right below some of the very mountains we had climbed. We found our venue nestled in beautiful Telluride Colorado! We started reaching out to florists and were shocked by the cost for flowers that would only last for one day and decided to do some of the decorating ourselves. We quickly found Afloral and as soon as our first shipment arrived decided to use no real flowers in our decor. The savings by using artificial flowers was over $8,000 and we could use the types of flowers we wanted. Our guests were surprised and impressed with the quality and beauty of our flowers and all the bridesmaids have kept their bouquets and use them in their homes as decor. One of the best decisions we made was to use artificial flowers in our wedding!”

Photographer: Melissa Plantz Photography | Flowers: Bride/ | Venue: Gorrono Ranch

How To Make Star Wars Boutonnieres

Are you planning a Star Wars Theme Wedding? Yes? Fantastic!  You can’t help but get into the craze, and why should you, so jump in and make your own wedding boutonnieres!


Do or do not, there is no try.  These bouts are so simple you won’t have any problem making your own, even if you are just a DIY Padawan.

Here we go!

Gather your supplies:starwarsmaterials
You can choose any of our silk flowers and greenery to create your wedding boutonnieres to go with your colors and theme. Afloral has a wide variety of stems.

For our Chewy bout we choose the following:
Star Wars PEZ Dispensers
Silk Anemone
Dusty Miller
Wire Cutters
Floral Tape 

Follow these steps:
starwars2 copy
1. Cut the stem off of your main flower.  Leave about 3″ of stem.  Do not discard the remaining wire stem.  You will need it later.
2. Clip a spray of Dusty Miller from the bush.  If there are too many leaves you can simply pull them off until you like the look.
3. Attach the Dusty Miller to the Anemone by wrapping the stems in floral tape.  Floral tape needs to be pulled a little to get it to stick to itself.  This does not need to be perfect because you will be wrapping the stems again for the finished look.

starwars4 copy
4. Using the leftover wire stem from the Anemone, create a 1″ hook at the end by simply bending it.  Hold it up to the boutonniere and cut any remaining stem using wire cutters.
5. Remove the head off of the PEZ dispenser.  (Bonus- You now get to eat all the PEZ!)
6. Make sure the hook will fit snuggly inside Chewy’s head.  If it feels a little loose you can use hot glue to attach it securely, but wait to do that until the very end.  Remove Chewy’s head (NO! But seriously, you won’t need it for the next step) and set it aside.

starwars7 copy
7. Attach the hook to the boutonniere using stem wrap.  This time you will want to thoroughly wrap the stems so you cannot see any wire.  Take your time.  The best part about faux flowers and stem wrap… if you don’t like how it looks you can always start over.
8.  When you are happy with the final wrap you can put Chewbacca’s head back on the hook, secure with hot glue if necessary.

Aaaaarhg Ahhhhrrrr! That Wookie looks great and is ready to walk down the aisle!


Get creative and remember to always #Afloral with any of your Afloral DIY designs.

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