DIY – Magnolia & Peony Bouquet

Make your own wedding bouquets with high-quality and low cost silk flowers from Do it yourself or get together with your bridesmaids for a fun wedding project!



Follow these easy steps to create your one-of-a-kind wedding bouquet.

1)  Gather your supplies. For this project you will need the Peony Bouquet in Cream Pink (or any of your favorite Peonies), Magnolias, Floral Tape, and your favorite bouquet wrap.



2)  Use your wire cutters or scissors to seperate the magnolias into individual stems.



3)  Add the magnolia stems to the already bound peony bouquet and wrap with floral tape.



4)  When you are happy with the look of your bouquet, wrap the stems together again with floral tape and then again in your favorite bouquet wrap.  Secure the bouquet wrap with a corsage pin or glue.


5)  Finish your bouquet by clipping the stems so they are all the same length and add any additional flare, like a diamond bouquet wrap or a brooch.


For all of the products used in this DIY, click here. DIY – Floral Table Runner

Create this gorgeous cascading floral table runner for your next event!  All you’ll need is this DIY design to decorate your wedding tablescapes.


Follow these easy steps to create your floral table runner.

1) Gather your supplies.  For this project you will need your favorite silk flowers, greenery, and garlands.  As well as scissors or wire cutters and floral tape.



2) Lay out all of your greenery so that it covers the length of the table.  Remember to add additional length for the cascade.  For this DIY we used preserved seeded eucalyptus.

3) Once you are happy with the length and fullness of the runner, attach stems with floral tape.



4) Lay your garlands down on the greenery and attach with floral tape.



5) Cut your flower stems so there is about three to five inches of stem.  Add flowers to your garland.  When you are happy with the look, tape into place.



Voilà!  This simple DIY can be made long before your event and will look great on the big day.  Decorate your table scape with a sequin table runner under the flowers or decorative candle votives, but this floral table runner is beautiful enough to stand alone!

Blog6 DIY – Floral Backdrop

Make this beautiful flower backdrop for your wedding. It can be used as decoration and it makes a great photo backdrop.


Follow these easy steps to create your own beautiful floral backdrop.

1) First you will need to gather the supplies. For this project you will need silk flowers, scissors, glue gun, and 7 moss table runners.


2) Next lay out the moss runners so that they overlap and glue them together to create the base.


3) After the glue has dried you may need to consider how you will choose to hang your backdrop once it is finished. We decided to hang ours on a rod. So we wrapped one side around our rod and glued the edge of the backdrop to the backside, creating a sleeve for the rod. Once the backdrop was glued, we used clips to hold it in place as it dried.


4) The next step is to cut all of your flower heads off their stems. Now you’re ready to start adding your florals! We suggest laying out your design before you start gluing them to the backdrop.


The possibilities are endless! You could do an ombre effect, create a fuller or scattered design, or even create a monogram or shape!


DIY: Submersed Faux Floral Centerpiece Tutorial

Contributed blog post from Oh Everything Handmade



The centerpiece features Orchids and Ranunculus, super cute little rose pink ranunculus buds!

Ok, so here is the list of all items you need:





Clean all your glass cylinders with a damp paper towel.


Add about 2 inches of your crushed glass vase filler carefully to the bottom of your cylinder.



Cut both Orchid stems, leave one stem a little longer – about 10inches.


Bend both Orchids to receive a natural look. This took me a little longer, because I was trying to make it look like I had only one Orchid in the vase. The curve really helps to give it that realistic feel, so play with it until you are satisfied.


Take the vase to its destination, so you don’t have to carry around a vase full of water. Then start filling the cylinder.


Once the vase is full, you add the floating candle.

I also made a few smaller centerpieces, to help the 18inch tall vase find some ground.


All I did was take off the flower heads, and lay them on top of the crushed glass. I didn’t fill this vase with water, because I didn’t have to. This can easily be made with real flowers, just make sure you add water to the vase then.



And for the other small vase, all I did was add the crushed glass, filled it with water (not shown in this picture) and added a floating candle.



Love the simplicity of this tutorial, and the vases+floral can be used in so many different ways.

Candle light dinner, Wedding, Anniversary, baptism table centerpiece, prom night table decor, and I also used my vases in our master bathroom as staging decoration.



DIY: Gift Wrap With Silk Flowers From Afloral

Contributed blog post from Green Wedding Shoes

Gift_Wrap_DIY_Flowers1We’ve partnered again with our favorite silk flower company, AFloral, to create this fun gift wrap DIY! With the holidays not far away, we thought it would be fun to show you some pretty wrapping ideas for your gifts (and honestly, I think this wrapping would work for anytime of the year, right?!). Create a fun silk flower arrangement topper for your bestie’s present, or a woodland inspired piece for your mister. Lots of possibilities with AFloral and so easy to create! And those pretty gift tags above? Those are thanks to Goodheart Design and Alex was sweet enough to share a template with those so you can download for your gifting too!!


What You’ll Need:
• Silk flowers from AFloral. We picked these choices (from left to right): Red PeonyRed Ranunculus, Gold Berries, Pink Ranunculus, FernVelvet PhalaenopsisWhite AnemoneGold Money PlantGuinea Feathers
• Gift tag template (download here). **Be sure to print these on cardstock if you are thinking about dip-dying them
• Scissors
• Brown Kraft paper
• White Kraft paper
• TwineGold RopeYarn options
• Boxes (we chose 4-6 in varying shapes/sizes)

afloralgiftwrap-01-3For the first glam-inspired wrapping we did, we paired the white anemone, feathers + gold berries with white kraft paper and twine. Simply wrap your box up with the white paper, and begin with the twine by wrapping around the box for some texture…
afloralgiftwrap-02-4Next, you can attach your supplies by using twine to secure down onto the wrapped twine. This will reinforce it onto the packaging. If you need extra support for the white anemone, use a glue gun to secure down! And last, use a pretty tag like our calligraphy adornment from Goodheart Design.
afloralgiftwrap-06-8For a classic holiday gift wrap look – we paired some greens, reds and golds together with a brown kraft paper…
afloralgiftwrap-08-10Start by layering your yarn around the box to create a web design, and adjust as necessary. Then you can attach your flowers + accents using the yarn as support.
afloralgiftwrap-13-15Lastly, we picked a pretty pink + gold combo. We found some pretty gold wrap to tie around our box, and adorned with a big red peony + pink ranunculus. Love the addition of the dip-dyed tag!
afloralgiftwrap-18-20And there you have it! 3 pretty ways to dress up with gift wrapping with AFloral. Pretty, and simple right?!

If you do some pretty wrapping at home with AFloral using these steps or supplies, we’d love to see how it turns out, so please share on Instagram along with the hashtag #GreenWeddingShoesDIY

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