Vinyl Floor Mats – They’re In!

Vinyl Floor Mats

Thinking of going with a vintage theme for your home decor? How about a Bohemian style? If so, these vinyl floor mats will add the perfect touch to complete your look!

Vinyl Floor Mat

Chelsea, our purchasing manager here at will certainly inspire this look for you, as she just could not resist buying them for her home! “As soon as I saw these vinyl mats, I knew that they were the missing piece in just about every room of my house!” We could not agree more after looking at these outstanding photos taken in her beautiful home!

Vinyl Floor Mats

She prefers the vinyl mats over any other material floor mats because they are light, easy to move, and very easy to clean! “They are not big, heavy floor mats that seem to collect every bit of dirt and dust in my house!”

Vinyl Floor Mats
Once you know how easy the cleaning procedure is, it will be a deal breaker.

What you will need:

  • A damp cloth.

For a more stubborn job, try using a diluted hand soap, and rinse thoroughly after washing! We do not suggest using dish soap or any harsh chemicals, as they may wear off the finish and colors of the vinyl.

Vinyl Floor Mat

Vinyl Floor Mats

Also, we recommend that you use reasonable caution with these vinyl floor mats, as they are not destructible. Refrain from dragging metal or furniture across the surface, use caution when wearing heels, and apply felt pads to the bottom of furniture if you do plan to place it on top of the mat. One more thing, If you plan to use these as outdoor door mats, allow the vinyl underside to dry after rain or wet weather conditions to prevent mildew.

We hope that you love these Vinyl Floor Mats just as much as Chelsea does! Shop ’em now!



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